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One year ago the world stopped in a unprecedented way allowing new era to start where our lives became virtual. We never thought travel would also come to a complete stop. At Quimbaya Latin America, we began to reimagine how our passion was going to be shared. Virtual became the only way and this is when Quimbaya Virtual Tours was born. A new way to showcase and discover our culture, our beautiful people and countries, simply right from our couch.

What are Quimbaya Live Virtual Tours?

Quimbaya Virtual tours consist of live streamed and interactive tours made by our local tour guide on location. Through our live virtual tours, you will discover a new way to explore and travel to Latin America! Our tours have been carefully designed and created so that you can experience in 60 minutes a new place you have never been before! You will feel transported virtually in real time to our countries and will be able to speak with locals and even feel the taste of the food! 


  • Explore a new destination in the comfort of your home with professional Tour guides
  • Enjoy it together with your partner or family and friends
  • Experience in LiveStreaming the destination by interacting with locals
  • Virtually taste the culture and the gastronomy
  • Choose your souvenir during your Live virtual travel experience and get it shipped to your home!
  • Live Virtual tours will continue as a way of promotion, training or just to choose one’s destination.



Select the Live virtual tour of your choice to book and add your details.

There are 8 countries to choose from! available in 4 languages -French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Connect & Explore

Add in your calendar the Live virtual tour and get ready to virtually travel and explore a new destination.

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Share it with your friends and family. You can enjoy the experience all together and create your groups!

If you are a Travel Agent, we can help you to create your calendar of Live Virtual Tours. Contact us for more information.

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